Fem-Fatal Commits Suicide

women, i know why you patch your pants that are in tatters
and why you are in love with destruction
and why you skank
over the hearts of others.
it is because you have been raped
and your tattered jeans are as ripped and broken
as your palpitations
and you weave music between the holes so that the beat

continues and the vacancies
and you stomp on the hearts of others because
the world owes you an explanation.
And it isn’t the rape that stays quiet
and trembling underneath
the hushing
sausage fingers of the neighbor you use to trust.
Nor is the rape the kind that leaves you screaming
in an alley that funnels
into joyous sounds inside
the ear of your pleasured
aggressors, with that frail
body defeated
resting upon your throne
of blackened trash bags
filled with your treasures
“ain’t nothin’ new for trash like you”
the chuckle of a straw hatted
horse rider
swishing black spit into paper cups
while riding you, his beast.
Nor are you violated by the harvest of wrath
that smells like
sulfur spewing
out of groove carved crackles
invading the land
that once belonged to you.
No lady, you have not
been violated by the boredom of soldiers
or the king’s thirst for war.
you have been raped by obtrusion
by the diminishing
qualities of a youth that spit upon the
bloodied mess of birth
and squanders the smile
behind a mother gently nursing
for you to bite.
you have been raped by the deformation of the body
with alien souls parading inside magic boxes that hypnotize
and create standards impossible to fulfill
a requirement in our
hormone confused
love affair.
you have been raped by dragging your intelligence through the mud
because with a giggle
the twirl of your hair
and an “i dunno”
THEY think its cute
and how precious of you, but even mud does not heal your blindness.
you revel in the wounds men have afflicted and accept it as a hymn of beauty
when in blinked out tears and screams and expulsing extremities
you know that the giver of life is Queen!
but you hide behind the scepter of an undeserving scoundrel
because THEY think its cute.
o the shame. you
have been raped
from within the womb
by a jester with bats and bombs.


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