Pearled Swine

what do I know of the world?
people mistake this despondency
for wisdom or
when it is neither.
is who I am how you
see me?
I don’t think so,
but I’m probably not
who I think I am
I don’t know that there is
much left to write about.
decadent in pearls and
an asshole can be jeweled
with the most precious
but an anus
is an anus
as swine
does not suddenly
become beautiful
with pearls around
its neck.
Swine are beautiful for
different reasons
like their inability
to sweat
and their affinity to
mud baths.
an asshole is beautiful in its function of release.
I’ve become vulgar
because I can’t
paint with gold
and gorgeous
the disappointment
of my century.
give me leather pants
and a real war
I want the commercial
of blood
giving me a lap dance.
I want my mouth
shut by wires
the necessity
to turn the other cheek.
but your slap is
because I can talk
and talk and talk and talk and talk
and you won’t put a gun to my face
you will just tell me I’m free
and starve me with debt
and kill me with morphine.
but yes pearled
I surely am free.


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