Most High

Heaven will be like mdma
but without the thirst and lock jaw
without the fear of gnawing your cheeks to the taste of dirty salvation
or mercury poisoning.

Heaven will be like heroin,
but you’ll be awake, and never puke,
and if you want to eat, your body will let you.

Heaven will be like lsd,
everything is happening at the same time
and you are swimming in a rainbow
a crystalline rainbow made out of vapor,
not glass, but breathable water.
You’ll hear many voices
some your own.
You’ll see angels with spread wings and heads of lions burrowing out of each feather
serpents wriggling where one would expect hands or feet
eagles bursting out of mouths,
salamanders for toes,
and you will not fear.
Some angels will have no wings at all,
some will be in a golden posture, receiving a massage
from the Most High every time the Holy one sits upon him.

Heaven will be like dmt.
That endless dream,
yea, that endless dream.


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