I don’t like to sleep with the lights off when i’m by myself
because I wake up and don’t know where to look,
and if i look
there you are.
Do you know how terrifying it is
to look?
Not as terrifying as looking away.
Because I only imagine the beautiful coming to haunt me.
Is that weird?
Yea, I know it’s weird.
Being tired all the time makes you strange
or boring.
There are silhouettes peeking out of the corners of my nose
to give me Eskimo kisses
when I don’t want them.
Only the beautiful haunt me.
If you aren’t religious this sounds like a metaphor.
God put my new interactions in dreams instead of visions
so that I could make friends again.
If you aren’t religious
you’re probably unaware that Lucifer
is the most beautiful angel
God ever made.


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