You sought me out
You sought me out
when I was gone
You were my eyes
the nearness of You
turned on
magnetic North
when my face
I chose to hide.

The water is warm,
jump in.

And wade,
for I welcome Your troubled waters
proffer the flood gates be flung.
I’ll be iridescent come Dawn
and the given armor will be a beacon
so the trodden dark
be revoked.

I just need You.
Your love is spring water in the desert.
And we will stay thirsty.

So the teacher spoke:
“Mercy is unpredictable.
Every Empire knows us by a number,
the lamb of God knows us by name.”
“In your resistance you are formed”
–you sought me out, you sought me out.
“a potter’s wheel you can’t escape”
–Because we are of the Divine
The Bride is only the mirror image of the Groom
gathering her many limbs for the ceremony.
You wield my pen in the dark days
You are breath
and I learn to breathe.


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