The Tub, the Phone, and Kierkegaard

The Tub, the Phone, and Kierkegaard
It’s easier to admire ones insanity when it is not actively poking your rib
In a few days, hopefully I’ll feel totally justified. Like I somehow needed this incredibly
uncomfortable feeling
And then it’ll happen again
Maybe months later
life will be under a microscope
Nothing I can’t handle
But I just… I’m belly up, belly inside out, belly fluttered
Currently experiencing an allergic reaction
To normalcy
Effective interaction
The long uhhh of the world
The crickets, all that silence
Brain vomit
Akin to the observatory
Except I’m expelling stars out of my gut
And examining them
I’ve swallowed the universe
And it gave me food poisoning

I don’t know if I mean this
But I might rather be alive than poetic


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