I am woven
by your voice,
o how holy the
lips that curled
to shape me
from nothing to clay to multiplicitous
that hold my dear
that hosts
the Holy Ghost
all the days of my life
and beyond.
You have dubbed me
Knight of Faith
Bride, polished and true
waiting for what already
Every day is our wedding.
The nerves and rest
and the plunge into
a cosmopolitan view
of the desert.
I will hide your
word in my heart.
And in the day of
You will remain
Lover of our souls
As we are
Lovers of your
I am not afraid
for I revel
in truths
that infinite
deaths are
infinite births.
And through the teeming mess,
or so it seems,
I will encounter death
with humility
and speak
as though in
To prance around
on a path of lilies
To meet my groom.


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