Please Don’t Read Those Texts


I am aware I keep starting my poems with questions
so here is the fuck off sentence
where I let you know I am tired
and always in love.

so many blank pages that
I really just want to shoot you in the face
no, not really
I won’t be that religious zealot you hate
I will only melt
I am no good at being alone
even when the Father of all the universe is lovingly resting beside

I think he made me to understand the state of dissatisfaction
I still don’t know how to keep this feeling private
fucking my keyboard, metaphorically– if you’re familiar with the term

the keys to your heart are much gentler a play
so much exposure
please take all of my exposure
I see you slim demure
not giving shit
though I nursed you from tit to mouth to tit to many ecclesiastic talks.
guttural sounds make many
the nose the ear the mouth where I’m– am kissing
this 21st century courting
that dismantles once we are contemporary
surely you know what I’m talking about
I’m not that crazy


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