Collaboration with Rioting Deities


Fall of Men by Rioting Deities

Somewhere in time
we have forgotten that
you’ve invited us to your table
asking us to come boldly before
the throne.
I am to cover my face
you are so accustomed to this
that my smile is unrecognizable
without fingers across my teeth.
This blue idol
that stands for some of your secret places
is demanding posterity
and a throng.
We come to you
iron pebble to a magnetic North
You say,
there is no need to hide your face, Bride.
But I’m not too sure yet
the hungry are never sure.


The Great Creator by Rioting Deities

I can’t make sense
of this north american mess
all them dopamine loops coming at me
to me from commissary
song speak
double tick
from nowhere,
are you irritated by that dumb question
im not asking you to hike or nothing
im just wondering if you know
what the wandering sun looks like
without your Adderall


Chemical Vacation by Rioting Deities

your art is much

harder than mine
I have a pool of words to draw from
to remind you
you’re alive

You have images that must be
in immediacy
and they lose their meaning
in eyes,

My art
my art is easier
it is a lifetime of experience
and made into that hip thing only some
will read.





(what you painted)

I ask where you goin doll
face of pallid desert
hi pops, hi
feverish and sacred
I’ll give up all the decadence
for one day in your court
is it made up of sand
numerous, uncountable
eternally exhausting?
I dream of all the dances
that you have staged
for my benefit
and all of your other lovers.
In this silence, in this dryness
i am so close to the face of god
that leaves all of our pigment
oscillating between moonshine
and angel dust.
I am that I am
I know that You are.
Existing in many out of time places.
Let me shower in all the orange
that glistening graveyard
of sponge and sweat

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