B for Books

I love her the way
That exists in books
The way people covet
I write her poetry
I take pictures of her luminescence
Cus she looks so pretty

I consider her
Cook for her
Buy her dinner
I’ve wiped snot from her face
With my own had
I despise snot, I gag
But I didn’t gag that night
I made a face (you didn’t see it scrunched under flooding ducts)
I covered your burning ears
With kisses.

When you were blackout drunk
And I couldn’t carry you to bed
I brought the bed to you
And watched over your sleep
So that you may dream undisturbed

When I was falling apart
You wrapped me
And let me touch you everywhere
As you touched me back

You have held me
And praised me all day
Made me queen- and I am humbled.

You take all the good
And stuff it in the peripheral
Like falling apart
Is always someone else’s fault.


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