It’s all chance anyway
All random
Submit to the whips
Of fate
Who’s certainty is only
Living inside those of
Infinite resignation
For without a helping hand
Waters stagnant become poison
And the illusion is broken to reveal
Beat in the back
Those who find truth
Are destroyed by it
Lay it on thick
Brick and mortar
Lay it on thick
Lipstick for the verbally
Lay it on lay it on
And remember the year of jubilee
Signing checks in your name
Purchasing cattle for dressing
And chewing
For the continuation
Of something other than vertigo.
When you claim to have invented me
That I live only in your cortex
I am alive
Soaked in plasma
That moves
From one end to another
And I must cross this river
Of flesh without a staff
And without the blooms
So gently
Announcing their perfection


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