the bodies of an ebony empire
scream at the Ivory tower
because as they climb the gates
reptiles have chewed them raw
before they could touch
the glistening structure.

The empire was invited,
secured with chains
in the most comfortable
of boat passages,
down the serene crystal
face of the Styx.

The men began to look
like eagles
the women began to sound
like whales
and they took their voices
from their scorched
salty throats
and branded it on vinyl.

Then we swung
freely from our family
propped by the citizens
of the glistening tower.

God has begun
to beat his drum
the angels are sounding
their horns

the ivory tower will soon crumble
the ebony empire cloaked
in the tapestry of
seven continents
will raise a moonlight fist
and raise a whale song cry

the tower will soon crumble
under the wind of the
flapping wings
of all the birds
of the seven continents


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