Lamentations I

2 chronicles 20:17

I am salt on the earth
Is this training over?
I no longer wish to be
Give me swords
Give me nuclear codes
I will gladly shake all
Death loose
Like you God, no?

Good news runs dry and
Is watered down
To quench thirst through
IV drips
Our mouth’s no longer
You Used to speak loudly
Do I have no ears
Or do you have no voice?

One certainty is your
Blood will forgive my insolence.
I do beg for pardon.
Is the training over?

I must posture myself
For addressing.
Is the training over?
Revenge is yours, but
My enemy is invisible
And burrows itself in minds.
Will you destroy them?
Will you destroy his house too?

You didn’t come to bring
peace, I know
Silly me, I called
You prince of peace.
But I’ve also called you
What throats are Iine
To be ravished
To be strangled by the
Umbilical chord?
Is one mine, Lord?

If I must be destroyed
The demolition has been
A smashing success.
Who picks these bricks
And mortar now?
Lord, is it you?
Are you rebuilding me?
Will I be beautiful after?


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