Lamentations II

You plan to meet me
I am free now.
I am taking the wrath, so like yours
And softly folding it
To fit in my shoebox
Where the rest of her remains.

Will you meet me now?
I know I love you
And yet
Inside me is a
Black hole swallowing
The Milky Way.

Will I succeed in
Swallowing you
Will it destroy you,
Or will it destroy me?

Let the suffering of the world enter
into the body.

This is no triumph
This is not a festivity
For the champion .
I am waiting
And I’m not alone
Because death could not hold you
But it is holding me
To an undug grave!

I am not made of tapioca.
I am made of poetry
And microbial shit.

You said you would meet me.
When I hear your name
I still only say good things.
I do love you.

When you meet me
Will you make friends with my lover
That I hate,
Or can you rescue me
And take me far away,
As if I’d never slept
with a corpse before ?


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