Since I’m just an itch you had to scratch
Lemme start with this ghost emoji
To calm my nerves
Next, remember I too just wanted
The novelty of fucking my loved ones’ loved one
I have been so
Your your you the barbarian
Like red beard tickling the pages
Of my wet Bible.

We did this swimming thing
With moonlight off my ass
And you voyeur
Gleaned a pretty smile
Made me Mac n cheese
Said I was a cute alt girl
Told me you loved me
Left me for the road
Cus her asphalt skin is lovelier
And holds the face of God you’re always missing

Well I ducked reason
Like an acrobat
With the aid of two new hips
I fucked your poet
I fucked your Moguely
And your brother.

I didn’t mean to, it turns out.
I’ve just given up
they still hold
Your good parts
Against my skin of glass
And I miss you so far down in my
Unoriginal deluxe
That Felix with his hat
And mouse gloves
Keeps putting his thumb up
For my clunky chevy

I’m in this machine with you
They file me down
Load down size
Up and away to the laundry room
For leaning

“You’re still in love with me aren’t you?”
No way no how
Dancing barbarian.

But uh
If you give me an inch
I’ll take the cookies
Out of the oven
And dip them in some
Black stack coffee
Pour that grain
Is all I have to offer.

Won’t you be with me hunny bunch
When my teeth turn to gum
And my lips are chewed by crimson
I like you

I miss you
And I’ll systematically
Shatter the plates
For a perfect view
Of my ego.
Mr coked out Jew thinks I lack
Cus of my extra portal.

Well I got news for you
Oedipal author,
I’m all ego
And the ID has no idea
I be coming
For it
On summer nights
With a drink
And a bent spatula.


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