Been crying for you all day
Christmas will be shit next year.
I feel you laughing
Next to the Father,
He’s got you up close in his crook
With your other gender less siblings
But I’m crumbling
Keep dreaming of my cellphone crumbling
Looking like Mica sleeves easily
I hope it rains forever in Aleppo
Until the guns and planes are gone
Burrowing themselves into caves
The way worms will never make homes in your skin
Because I carry that ash around my neck
In perpetual lent.

Rebel rebel, your face is
A streak of heaven
That skin could not keep
You came out tough
Seven pounds of drowned

And a whole lot of soul
Escaping my mouth
Escaping her womb
With cheeks streaked
Fierce full of stars
Fist full of hair
You’re not in a box
But that’s how we visit you.

You’re around my neck
And around her neck
And around her neck.

I wish it rained forever in
Remember numbness, little girl?
Well today
You’re an entire storm
A single nimbus cloud
Gathering strength
Above my curly head
you’re about to hit
But the weather man forgot to tell me.


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