Over zealous
Like the world could use me
Dripping on puddles allows
For disappearing
You can feel my molecules
In this micro pond.
Keep seeing those memes
About star stuff making up
My body,
although I am a constellation
We’re not special
What makes up a star makes up a body
Makes up a shit.
But you are so very important.

Consider your foot,
The biggest challenge for robotic engineers
Proof that time
Is the proponent
Of existence.

Are you outside of time?
When you dreaming
Tacit, with little permission
From the overlords for a break.
Ah but they are made of shit stuff too.

Shit is the great equalizer
As is grace
The grave
And time.

Do not feel special
But feel important,
The throws of time certainly have
And who are we, made of all the shit,
To argue with time.


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