The Summer I Stopped Worrying And Loved The Bomb

When I fear for my life
And the apocalypse
Is whispering nigh
I remember romance.

War can erase you
Me, a thousand stories
Blood soaked sand.

Only thing left
Is to dance to love

People never stop
Falling in love.
Took me many
Pouring over paper
To fall in love
With myself



Been crying for you all day
Christmas will be shit next year.
I feel you laughing
Next to the Father,
He’s got you up close in his crook
With your other gender less siblings
But I’m crumbling
Keep dreaming of my cellphone crumbling
Looking like Mica sleeves easily
I hope it rains forever in Aleppo
Until the guns and planes are gone
Burrowing themselves into caves
The way worms will never make homes in your skin
Because I carry that ash around my neck
In perpetual lent.

Rebel rebel, your face is
A streak of heaven
That skin could not keep
You came out tough
Seven pounds of drowned

And a whole lot of soul
Escaping my mouth
Escaping her womb
With cheeks streaked
Fierce full of stars
Fist full of hair
You’re not in a box
But that’s how we visit you.

You’re around my neck
And around her neck
And around her neck.

I wish it rained forever in
Remember numbness, little girl?
Well today
You’re an entire storm
A single nimbus cloud
Gathering strength
Above my curly head
you’re about to hit
But the weather man forgot to tell me.

Like An Egyptian

From all the poems I had to deploy
This one sits in
Your crib
Walk like a wrinkle on my page

I’m in a rosy bath
Tattoos crescentic
Bobbing they heads
Like an ectoplasm
You smell like
I want to.

From all the poems I had to deploy
This one crawls hanging on to the handles
Your palms are printed
On the steel
Magnify the word of
The I Am
In my liver.

I feel it tumbling out of mouths
Who won’t make it to
The toilet
I feel ballet squirming
Shakespeare out
Of the improvised

I feel the earth move
Under my feet
Like I’m a not a slave
To gravity

Save me
From the mountain
I’m perching on some icicles

The sun is coming out
I fear there is no
Time time time


Since I’m just an itch you had to scratch
Lemme start with this ghost emoji
To calm my nerves
Next, remember I too just wanted
The novelty of fucking my loved ones’ loved one
I have been so
Your your you the barbarian
Like red beard tickling the pages
Of my wet Bible.

We did this swimming thing
With moonlight off my ass
And you voyeur
Gleaned a pretty smile
Made me Mac n cheese
Said I was a cute alt girl
Told me you loved me
Left me for the road
Cus her asphalt skin is lovelier
And holds the face of God you’re always missing

Well I ducked reason
Like an acrobat
With the aid of two new hips
I fucked your poet
I fucked your Moguely
And your brother.

I didn’t mean to, it turns out.
I’ve just given up
they still hold
Your good parts
Against my skin of glass
And I miss you so far down in my
Unoriginal deluxe
That Felix with his hat
And mouse gloves
Keeps putting his thumb up
For my clunky chevy

I’m in this machine with you
They file me down
Load down size
Up and away to the laundry room
For leaning

“You’re still in love with me aren’t you?”
No way no how
Dancing barbarian.

But uh
If you give me an inch
I’ll take the cookies
Out of the oven
And dip them in some
Black stack coffee
Pour that grain
Is all I have to offer.

Won’t you be with me hunny bunch
When my teeth turn to gum
And my lips are chewed by crimson
I like you

I miss you
And I’ll systematically
Shatter the plates
For a perfect view
Of my ego.
Mr coked out Jew thinks I lack
Cus of my extra portal.

Well I got news for you
Oedipal author,
I’m all ego
And the ID has no idea
I be coming
For it
On summer nights
With a drink
And a bent spatula.

Lamentations II

You plan to meet me
I am free now.
I am taking the wrath, so like yours
And softly folding it
To fit in my shoebox
Where the rest of her remains.

Will you meet me now?
I know I love you
And yet
Inside me is a
Black hole swallowing
The Milky Way.

Will I succeed in
Swallowing you
Will it destroy you,
Or will it destroy me?

Let the suffering of the world enter
into the body.

This is no triumph
This is not a festivity
For the champion .
I am waiting
And I’m not alone
Because death could not hold you
But it is holding me
To an undug grave!

I am not made of tapioca.
I am made of poetry
And microbial shit.

You said you would meet me.
When I hear your name
I still only say good things.
I do love you.

When you meet me
Will you make friends with my lover
That I hate,
Or can you rescue me
And take me far away,
As if I’d never slept
with a corpse before ?

Lamentations I

2 chronicles 20:17

I am salt on the earth
Is this training over?
I no longer wish to be
Give me swords
Give me nuclear codes
I will gladly shake all
Death loose
Like you God, no?

Good news runs dry and
Is watered down
To quench thirst through
IV drips
Our mouth’s no longer
You Used to speak loudly
Do I have no ears
Or do you have no voice?

One certainty is your
Blood will forgive my insolence.
I do beg for pardon.
Is the training over?

I must posture myself
For addressing.
Is the training over?
Revenge is yours, but
My enemy is invisible
And burrows itself in minds.
Will you destroy them?
Will you destroy his house too?

You didn’t come to bring
peace, I know
Silly me, I called
You prince of peace.
But I’ve also called you
What throats are Iine
To be ravished
To be strangled by the
Umbilical chord?
Is one mine, Lord?

If I must be destroyed
The demolition has been
A smashing success.
Who picks these bricks
And mortar now?
Lord, is it you?
Are you rebuilding me?
Will I be beautiful after?

Like, Everyone’s Tired Of the Beats ok

I wish I were a sweet
Somnambulant blonde
With friends in spades,
Waist like the middle of
A pointy carrot
Cheeks hollow but rosy
Lips that gloss on their own
So that when I get on stage
To sputter
The kinds of truths only
War age record players
Your face would drop
Surprise rushing, coloring
Each freckle north of your mouth
A Victoria Secret magenta
i’d color you impressed
my velvet voice would
Fill you with
oohs and ahs
And some buddy holly glasses
wearing fedoras and bowler hats
like tiaras in a court full of jesters
Would secretly hate me
Every hat’s nose
Pointing to a latitude parallel
To their neck
Because this pretty girl
Made all their lips quiver.

I wish I were a sweet
Somnambulant blonde
But I am wiry like the innards
Of those WWII
Record players,
For their memory longevity
I am a curve
That you hold in your mouth like
I only drink espresso
I look like a brunette even with bleached hair
My eyebrows are warm
Electric caterpillars
My fingers are trained
To flick cigarettes,
And they are yellowed like the page
My body is illustrated
As i attempt to resemble
A book
the sheets lose glue
at the spine
the words
Cling to my pores like
The effervescent barnacles
Of the Pequod.
I am missing a corner tooth
That no one ever notices
I wear crimson lips
Or blue or purple
I have a limp
Goddamn, so much character.

But i wish i were
A sweet somnambulant blonde
So that the jesters
Don’t think me passe
So I can fucking surprise